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Maxx Green.

November 2012

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falseyoureyes in slashthefate

Title: Trashed and Scattered
Author: falseyoureyes
Pairing: Ronnie Radke/Craig Mabbit; Ronnie Radke/OMC Bryan Money/Robert Ortiz; Bryan Money/Omar Espinoza; Max Green/OFC 
Summary: At the worst possible moment, everything comes crashing down on Ronnie. What innocence he had left is ripped from him, a stranger haunting him begining to break him down-and the only person who can piece him back together is someone he vowed to hate forever.
Rating: R (for now)
Warnings: non-con, abuse, substance abuse, self-harm, homophobia, language
Disclaimer: The events portrayed herein are fictional and bear little if any resemblance to real life.
A/N: This story is un-beta'd, and probably will continue to be un-beta'd. If you tend to nitpick about little errors, you probably don't want to read.
NOTE: I just realized I had this as "Ronnie Radke/OFC".  I have fixed the pairings. Took me three chapters to notice but I fixed it. Enjoy.

001: Princess )
002: Saint Jacky )
003: Friends With Alibis )


A week passed before Ronnie left his house. Jacky had pointed out that he was running low on food and Ronnie wasn’t sure he wanted to trust Jacky with his bank card or his groceries-god knew what it would be like sending that guy out to buy food.

Jacky had offered to drive Ronnie but he hadn’t wanted to accept the offer. Considering his bandmates had been in and out of his house, taking care of him while he pretended to be sick, he didn’t think he could make Jacky do something like that.

Instead, Ronnie had headed for his nearest mall, bought a Slushee from one of the stores inside said mall, and wandered around aimlessly for an hour and a half. He’d done this many times before when he needed to have his head cleared; he’d done it before his arrest, he’d done it before turning himself in, and he’d done it before breaking up with three different girlfriends. Usually, the mall trips ended in some sort of reverie.

This time, however, didn’t seem to be so charming. He wandered between his usual stores and the food court, finally settling on the in-mall bookstore when none of the others brought anything to his interest. Even the aisles of paper back dramas and teen angst did nothing for him; other shoppers kept giving him the evil eye, as though they knew what had happened to him.

They were probably looking at the bruise on his face, he reasoned. It didn’t make him feel any less uncomfortable. He’d already tried his best to cover it up without having it cake on make up, but it had been difficult. The bruise underlined his eye for the most part, sitting on his cheek and making an odd, long mark down to his chin. It wasn’t exactly the easiest thing to cover up.

He’d just about given up trying to find a book when a vaguely familiar voice caught his attention. He stopped walking and turned around, as if his body were reacting to an old habit he’d tried to forget a while ago.

He saw the he’d heard almost instantly. He stood in the embrace of another man, both eyeing the selection of graphic paper back novels. The shorter had his head tilted up slightly, sitting under the chin of the taller; his hair was longer than Ronnie recalled, but he could’ve recognized that face anywhere.

Brown eyes far more striking than his own turned onto him, and he cringed when he realized they’d spotted him. Still, he couldn’t help it when the other smiled at him, turned and pointed; his heart soared, and he felt normal again.

It took about five seconds and Ronnie barely took three steps before his old friend had thrown himself in his arms, boyfriend strolling after at a leisurely pace.

“Jesus Christ, Ronnie!” Ronnie laughed, hugging him tight.

“Hi, Bryan. Its me. I’m not an illusion.” Bryan pulled away, grinning at him. Rob had finally caught up to them and he waved. “Hi.”


Ronnie grinned; it felt like any other time before he’d been forced out. He’d opened his mouth to answer Rob when he realized that any answer he’d say would be a lie, and he’d never lied to Rob before. He couldn’t just tell him nothing was up. But he couldn’t exactly tell him anything that’d happened recently.

He’d opened his mouth to answer when three more faces appeared. Ronnie recognized all of them; it was only one face that stood out, simply due to the scowl and the way he squeezed his girlfriend’s hand tightly when they came to a stop.

Rob slid his arms around Bryan’s waist again, resting his chin on the other man’s shoulder. “You never answer my question, man.” Rob grinned, bringing his attention of his ex friend.

“Wh-oh, yeah. Um…nothing’s up. Everything’s just…awesome.” Ronnie looked down, scratching at the inside of his arm. He didn’t want to look at any of the others.

Bryan grinned though, and out of the corner of his eye Ronnie saw it and grinned as well. “I’m glad we saw you, I’ve missed talking to you.”

Ronnie’s grin grew and he opened his mouth to speak, but Max beat him to it. “That makes one of us.”

The comment didn’t go unnoticed, but no one else responded to it. Bryan’s face went blank and he sighed, reaching for Rob’s hand and giving it a gentle squeeze. The other man frowned and pulled him along, whispering something to him.

Ronnie felt rage build up in his head and he frowned. “No one asked for your opinions, Green. We were getting along fine before you waltzed your happy ass in here.”

Max shook his head. “You don’t have any business talking to them.” He replied.

“They talked to me first! If you’re so damn defensive why don’t you chide them! Hell, maybe they’ll listen to you. They’ve kept on listening to you all that time.”

“Maybe because they didn’t wanna end up like you, passed out on the bathroom floor for days at a time? You’re a lush, Radke, and you’re a god awful person. You deserved everything you got, and you deserve everything you get.”

Ronnie stared at Max for a moment or two, and he was almost certain the other man was under the impression that Ronnie was going to attack him. Instead his Slushee dropped, had that was holding it loosened, and he pushed passed the three of them.

He was going to cry. They didn’t deserve to see him cry; none of them did. Max knew he’d won, that should’ve been sufficient reward enough for him. The other man’s words still rang in his head as he made his way through the crowd, pushing to the front of the store and out through the bookstore-entrance to the mall.


Craig started in the same direction after Ronnie but stopped for a moment, turning to face Max. “You’re a douche bag, you know that?”

Max threw up his hands. “It’s the truth! He’s threatened to kick our asses. He‘s threatened our lives, dude!”

Craig shook his head, heading towards the door. “Yeah? I didn’t exactly see him threatening us then. Something’s wrong with him, Max, but its not the same thing you’re thinking about.”

Craig didn’t pay attention to Max’s response, weaving in and out of the crowd after Ronnie. He could see him through the front windows of the store when he reached it, sitting in front of the store, curled up against the glass.

When he pushed open the door, he was greeted by Ronnie’s soft sobbing. He walked to him slowly, frowning as he sat next to him, resting an arm on the older man’s shoulder. “Hey, you okay?”

Ronnie shrugged Craig’s arm off, ignoring him completely. Craig sighed and shook his head when Ronnie turned away from him, leaning his side up against the wall. Craig moved until he was facing Ronnie again a d pulled him into his arms, hugging him tightly and stroking his hair.

Craig couldn’t figure out what to say to him, so instead he sat there, arms around his former friend, trying to comfort him. Craig didn’t know what had happened but Ronnie felt so little in his arms, so vulnerable to everything that it hurt.

Still, Craig only had one question. He just didn’t know how to ask it: what happened to you?

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And here is Tyler, just so everyone's clear next chapter


OH JESUS. Tylers sooo hawt lmfaooo. Just look at that package!!

Grrrr I hate max so much!! He just ruins everything :( and I hope ronnies ok even though more rape is inevitable
Yep, Max is a douche. Let's hope Craig can get Ronnie to tell him what happened.