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Maxx Green.

November 2012

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falseyoureyes in slashthefate

Title: Trashed and Scattered
Author: falseyoureyes
Pairing: Ronnie Radke/Craig Mabbit; Ronnie Radke/OMC Bryan Money/Robert Ortiz; Bryan Money/Omar Espinoza; Max Green/OFC 
Summary: At the worst possible moment, everything comes crashing down on Ronnie. What innocence he had left is ripped from him, a stranger haunting him begining to break him down-and the only person who can piece him back together is someone he vowed to hate forever.
Rating: R (for now)
Warnings: non-con, abuse, substance abuse, self-harm, homophobia, language
Disclaimer: The events portrayed herein are fictional and bear little if any resemblance to real life.
A/N: This story is un-beta'd, and probably will continue to be un-beta'd. If you tend to nitpick about little errors, you probably don't want to read.
Chapter 7 & Link to Other Chapters

“Ronnie?” Craig pulled the front door behind him, craning his neck to look up the stairs. “Ronnie, are you home?” When he didn’t get an answer, Craig made his way to the kitchen, looking around. There was no sign of Ronnie, though there were a few grocery bags on the counter. Craig went to them, frowning when he realized they were full.

“Ronnie?” He headed back to the living room, intent on going to the second floor when he collided mid-step with Ronnie.

“Jesus fuck.” Craig grabbed Ronnie’s shoulders to keep him from tipping over. “Sorry. Are you okay?”

“What? Yeah. I just went upstairs to throw on some jammies.” He looked down at his clothes, frowning. “Today was too fucking hot. I hopped in the shower after I got home and put some of my groceries away.”

Craig nodded, frowning and crossing his arms. Ronnie lifted his head up enough to look at Craig’s knees. “Was there something you wanted?”

Craig’s eyes widened and he snapped his fingers. “What? Oh. Oh, yeah, there was. Uh…well, see, I was thinking about some stuff, and I really didn’t have anything else to think about, and I was kind of wondering, you know, if you’re not doing anything later, or if you want to not do something later, or…uh…well…”

Ronnie raised his head up, confused frown on his face. Craig sighed. “Would you uh…would you go out with me tonight? Like…on a date?”

Ronnie’s eyes widened. “Uh…I…I don’t…what?”

“I just, uh, I was just thinking about it, you know? And I guess I thought too much, I gave myself a headache, I still have the headache, I drove all the way over here, stopped driving like, twice in an effort to convince myself to NOT do this, and I-”

“Craig, can you please stop talking?” The other man silenced instantly, leaning away from Ronnie slightly as the other man placed a hand on his elbow. “I would really, really love to go on a date with you, but-” Ronnie bit his lip, frowning as he saw Craig’s eyes lower.

He searched his mind for a way to salvage the offer. “Uh, but I have to do a shit ton of laundry first and take a nap. So…if you could do it later tonight, maybe, cuz I’ll be super busy tomorrow, and I won’t have time for a while after that, so…now I’m rambling like you did, awesome.”

“No, no, it’s totally fine, see, cuz I have some other things to do before then. But that totally works. I can like, pick you up at…I dunno. When? When can I pick you up?”

Ronnie laughed, shaking his head. “Uh, 8, I guess. Should be time enough for me to get the things I need to done here.”

Craig’s smile grew and he nodded. “Sweet. Alright, I’ll uh…I’ll be here at 8 then.” He nodded, letting out a relieved sigh before laughing. “Yes. This is gonna be great. I promise. You’re going to have an awesome fucking time, I swear. I’m gonna…not be a dick and keep rambling.” He leaned in, grabbing Ronnie and pulling him into a tight hug. “I’ll see you at 8.”

With that he took off, barely stopping to close the door behind him as he did so. This left him beaming until he turned around, running right into the chest of the exact person he didn’t want to see.

Tyler lifted his hands, slamming them palm-first into Ronnie’s chest. He stumbled back, falling onto his coffee table and smashing it under his weight, scraping his arm up to the elbow.

He cringed as he ran his eyes over it, becoming distracted only by Tyler’s voice. “See, if you weren’t so fucking fat, that wouldn’t have happened.” He kicked the table top out of his way as he walked towards Ronnie, who scooted back into the corner between his stairs and his front door. “Who the fuck was that? Your fucking boyfriend or something?”

“N-no, no, it…he’s, uh, he’s just a frien-” Tyler slammed a fist into the wall next to Ronnie’s head, making him jump. Tyler moved his hand to Ronnie’s neck, running his fingers down it until he reached his collar. Sliding his hand around the base of Ronnie’s neck, he shook his head.

“Friends don’t ask each other out on dates, Princess.” He replied, running his thumb against his skin. “Call him. Tell him you can’t do it.”

Ronne bit his lip, then shook his head. “I can’t,” he whispered. Tyler tightened his grip, pushing his thumb into his skin.

“Why the fuck not?”

Ronnie closed his eyes. “He’ll…he’ll want a good enough excuse, and…and I don’t have one.” Opening them back up, he let out a shaky breath as the grip tightened. “P-please. I…I’ll do anything you want. P-p-please just l-let me do this.”

Tyler sighed, loosening up his grip and leaning back. Rubbing his knuckles into his palm, he smirked, then drew his fist back and punched Ronnie in the stomach, hard.

As Ronnie coughed, leaning forward, Tyler stood up, unbuttoning and unzipping his pants and reaching for Ronnie’s head. Tangling his fingers into his hair and pulling his head up, he sighed. “Well, I guess we better make this quick then.”



That was awesome.
I didn't expect for the update to come this fast.
It was very satisfying and made my life, I assure you.

Hey, if I promise to start commenting more often now does that mean I'll get faster updates? :D because that would be balls cool.

I know I'm just some random ass person, and really I hardly log in on here ever unless I feel it's extremely necessary. This is really great work in my opinion and if it's motivation you need I'm down to help with that!

It's going to be great reading on how Craig saves Ronnie. I can't even.

The update was fucking beautiful, keep going! xxx
xD if you reeeaaaally want updates/to hear about ronnie stories you can IM me or some shit if you don't get on LJ that often x3 and thanks.

I had a good chunk of this written out already but lost faith in it. so thanks. XD <3

fff. random ass person who made my fucking day.

hell yes. yes it is. XD

I will! :D
Argh, sorry to butt in but, hell, you better not lose faith in this! it IS really good! Write moaaarrr! <3
Shit, my bad. Late reply.

But ah, that'd be cool. I'll probably end up commenting on all future updates regardless but w.e. maybe I could help you with ideas or some shit. I don't know haha. You have msn, yeah? It's about the only IM system or whateverthefuck I actually remember the password to. I could add you later.

Oh dude, picture it. Whenever we have some sort of insomnia fit we could just hate on Green back and forth. Childish has no meaning concerning this because it would just be too amusing to pass up.

max!abuse sounds so good right now...do not lose faith in this fic or I will magically pop out of your computer screen and smack you....or something. :D
Awww, man. Ronnie just can't catch a break.

And I was right, it's not lame <3