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Maxx Green.

November 2012

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rawrwarped in slashthefate

Popular characters available! Gabe Saporta, Hayley Williams, Synyster Gates, Vicky T, Brendon Urie..

Over 80 characters! Femmeslash membership now open!

Characters Needed:
Bring Me the Horizon
Cute is What We Aim For
Family Force 5
Green Day
Pierce the Veil

The Academy Is... minus William and The Butcher
AFI minus Jade
All Time Low minus Alex
Blessthefall minus Jared
Blink 182 minus Mark
Bring Me the Horizon
The Cab minus Alex D
Call the Cops minus Will and Rob
Cash Cash minus Jean Paul
Cobra Starship minus Nate
Escape the Fate minus Max
Eye Alaska minus Brandon
From First to Last minus Derek
Gym Class Heroes minus Travis
Hey Monday minus Cassadee
HIM minus Ville
OK Go minus Damian
Taking Back Sunday minus Adam
Tokio Hotel minus Bill
The Used minus Bert and Jeph
Underoath minus Spencer
We the Kings minus Hunter
30 Seconds to Mars minus Jared

Zack and Rhian from All Time Low
Brian/Syn from Avenged Sevenfold
Kyle from Breathe Carolina
Cameron from The Downtown Fiction
Gerard and Ray from My Chemical Romance
Brendon from Panic at the Disco

as well as just about any other band you can think of...

Wanted: More 'entourage' (friends of bands) characters.

Taken Characters List

Also, original characters are allowed as long as they have a job (roadie, sound tech, merch guy, etc), as well as friends of the bands (real friends). Be creative, you could even be a reporter for Fuse, a VJ, whatever you want, the sky’s the limit. Any band can participate, the RP is a tour RP but it isn’t strictly based on Warped.

(Want to be affiliates? IM BringMeKnives on AIM)