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Maxx Green.

November 2012

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kris japa

ankh_phoenix in slashthefate

Title: The Chemicals Between Us
Author: ankh_phoenix
Pairing: Ronnie/Max
Rating: NC17
Warning: Sex, It’s kind of rough but that’s it really.
Disclaimer: I don't own them etc.
Summary: This is smut that’s all really with small bits of fluff and roughness.

He pushed me back against the wall, pulling my hair and kissing me roughly. The brick of the alley was rough against my smaller frame. Me and Ronnie had gone out for drinks, after leaving the pub he pulled me into this alleyway. It was just like old times, before well I don’t want to think about that. He put his lather clad leg between my legs, rubbing against my semi hard dick. He brought his face back to see my reaction and flushed face.

I bite my lip and asked “Ronnie what are you doing?”

“Shut up Max.” He went back to kissing me this time more sweetly as if to say he missed me. He raked his nails against the skin of my stomach making me gasp. His mouth moved down to my neck biting at it, leaving marks no doubt. His hands creeped into my pants and he pulled my ass cheek apart, scratching while doing so. I moaned, wrapping my arms around his shoulders I begged for more.

“Ronnie please, oh god please.” He just smirked. He flipped me around so that my chest was pressed up to the brick wall. His left hand reached down to palm my dick through my jeans. He pressed himself against me, making me feel his hard dick at my ass.

Ronnie took my hands and placed them above my head whispering ‘stay’ into my ear. He moved his mouth across the back of neck, his breath ghosting across my skin. He bit it and then moved over to my shoulder to bite there, as well as the other one. Ronnie always loved biting, as did I. He raked his nails against my skin starting at my waist line till he reached my nipples, bringing my shirt up. I was panting as he took off my shirt and threw it god knows where. He bent over biting my at my shoulder blades while his hands abused my nipples. I felt my dick leaking pre-come into my boxers.

I bit back any sound that tried to escape my mouth, as he bit his way down my back and scratched his nails down my chest. He was on his knees behind me with his mouth right at the top of my pants. I was panting and had fisted my hands to keep from moving them; I could feel my nails cutting into my hands. He pulled down my pants and boxers making me whine. They pooled at my feet.

Ronnie pulled my ass cheeks apart he bit my left one, making me squirm. He moved his mouth over to my hole, biting all the while. He drew his tongue over it. I groaned.

“Ronnie, Ronnie fuck me with your tongue. God damnit fuck me.” I said sounding a lot less helpless and unsure than before. He responded by sticking his tongue in me. I threw my head back moaning.

He stood back up, hovering over me. Ronnie leaned on his left arm against the wall and bent down to kiss my cheek. “Love you.” He said and at the same time thrust two of his fingers inside me. I moaned louder dragging my forehead against the wall. I could feel Ronnie panting against me, with his head tucked into my neck.

He pulled himself back off me; I heard the sound of him undoing his zipper. I looked over my shoulder to see Ronnie smearing his pre-come over his cock. He looked up into my eyes and smiled at me. “Ready love?” He asked as he put his cock by my hole, breathing down my neck. I nodded. He thrust his cock into me in one fell swoop, making me scream in pain. He never liked to prepare me fully so that way it was rougher for me and I was tighter for him.

Ronnie didn’t slow down to make it easier for me, he just kept going. He grabbed at my hips moving them so he could get a better angle, hitting my prostate. “Fuck more please more.” I begged. I felt his fingers digging into my hips, leaving crescent marks. He picked up the speed and reached for my dick, pulling at it. I tried to keep from coming for as long as possible but Ronnie was relentless. With one hand he jacked off my dick and the other he used to scratch along my body, everywhere. He bit at my neck, that being the last straw. I came across the wall in front of me and Ronnie emptied himself in me.

He put his head on top of my head, waiting for his breathing to come back to normal. He wrapped his arms around me, just holding me for a bit. He pulled his dick out of me and got tissues from his pants to wipe himself and me off. I picked up my pants and turned around fastening them. I hide behind my hair looking up at him slightly, not sure where we went from here. He handed me my t-shirt which he evidently found somehow. I pulled it on quickly.

I looked back down to the street trying to think of something to say. “um” I started, but Ronnie moved my hair out my eyes and kissed me, shutting me up.


Re: !

I have many ideas and am working on it! It'll just take me awhile because I have school and band practice plus other things ._. but I am writing it! I'll get it out soonish hopefully